FW update: Jaloezie en lamellen schakelaar voor merk-wipvlak HmIP-BBL v1.10.16


De firmware van de Homematic IP jaloezie en lamellen schakelaar voor merk-wipvlak is ge├╝pdatet naar versie 1.10.16. Deze update bevat een bugfix voor een probleem in de veiligheids-uitschakelfunctie in geval van nood. De changelog bevat alle informatie van de huidige en eerdere firmware updates. De update wordt spoedig beschikbaar via de Homematic IP app, voor gebruikers van het Homematic IP Access Point. Voor gebruikers van de CCU3 wordt de update zichtbaar via de Homepage van de WebUI.


Please note: Only use the firmware file in connection with the current software-version of the CCUx!

Device: HmIP-BBL - Homematic IP Blind Actuator for brand switches

Company: eQ-3, Maiburger Str. 29, 26789 Leer, Germany

Version 1.10.16 - 2023-05-04

** Improvement
* Execute function "Enable operation within one end position to manually solve any error" only by a long button press

Version 1.10.10 - 2022-12-02

* If the device is restarted while overtemperature error the first statusinfo after restart doesn't signalize an error
* A long keypress release leads to longer run time than the previous ones if the driving time is shorter than the long keypress repetition time
* After a long keypress the actor runs longer than the set driving time
* Section of virtual channels remains in "Move up/down reference run" if all three virtual channels are triggered by Direct Execution Command at startup
* A command triggered by weekprogram or internal link is handled by the virtual channels although an error is active
* Wrong evaluation of the event counter with multiple links between sensor and actuator
* Error in slat adjustment, slats move in the wrong direction

** Improvement
* The level values 201 (last value) and 202 (don't care) to a virtual channel shall be directly passed through to the real channel
* Changing driving directions with HmIP UP actuators via parameters
* HmIP actuators with default links as button pair, should also have ABORT_EVENT_SENDING_CHANNELS as default in pairs
* The time information telegram does not contain a note about the sommer / winter time change
* Add CHANNEL_OPERATION_MODE to switch between blind and shutter mode
* Enable operation within one end position to manually solve any error
* Change of driving time while long button press if the end position of the slats is reached
* Switch from external to internal oscillator
* Add possibilty to increase the time between two slats movements
* Relay should remain switched on for 2 seconds when reaching the end position, so that the motor can remove the tension

Version 1.8.20 - 2020-11-05

** Bugfix
* Fix error within production relevant functionality

Version 1.8.16 - 2020-02-06

** Bugfix
* Fix error within production relevant functionality

Version 1.8.10 - 2019-08-15

** Bugfix
* Motors start briefly even if the profile parameter MAX_TIME_FIRST_DIR is set to 0.0 s
* HmIP radio shutter and blind actuators can be made to send DeviceInclusions again by a RetriggerDeviceInclusion Request, although this function was only intended for Wired devices
* If the switch-on and switch-off times in the Easy Profile are set to "Not active" at the same time, the device hangs up
* Shutters and blinds with longer driving times do not reach end position by short movements (very small values for MAX_TIME_FIRST_DIR)
* Device does not send a statusinfo if overtemperature was detected

** Improvement
* Improve switch command functionality by new implementation of local loopback, adding command cancelation and using node sending functionality
* Modify event counter check to meet current specification
* If possible, send multicasts only to PARTNER_ALL_WIRED_DEVICES instead of to PARTNER_ALL_DEVICES

Version 1.6.2 - 2018-08-09

** Bugfix
* negative coordinates are not handled correctly
* incorrect data type order for error status info message
* default profile for long keypresses is useless
* problems with automatic measurement of motor delay time
* missing rf connection leads to stop of local operation at long key presses
* bug in the creation of direct execution command for the weekprogram
* actuators trigger, due to the astro function, one hour delayed or prematurely on the day of the time changeover

** Improvement
* new parameter to disable messages to the AC
* new operation mode for wired devices
* event counter validation expanded to range
* slats position now is dominant over the height position if the combination of both is not reachable (near the end positions)
* all powerup parameters are supported now

Version 1.4.10 - 2017-11-30

** Bugfix
* device doesn't send switching commands anymore if a link partner wasn't reachable before.

** Improvement
* added parameter ENDPOSITION_AUTO_DETECT to give the user the opportunity
to disable the automatic end position detection if an isolating relay is used.
* added parameter DELAY_COMPENSATION to give the user the opportunity to use motors
with greater delay time between switching the relay and start of motor movement.

Version 1.0.10 - 2017-05-11

** First release

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